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INTELLIGENT MAIL® Barcode Tracking

Know when the pieces arrive at their destinations

What will Accutrace do?

  • Let you know when your mailer arrives at the USPS
  • When the pieces will tentatively get distributed
  • When the pieces arrive at their destinations

How will this help you?

  • This will give you peace of mind that your mailer is hitting your farm areas.
  • You can plan your marketing plan by following up with a call or a visit once your mailer has hit or do a follow up mailer after the mailers have arrived at its destinations.
  • Can keep a record of your ROI as well!

If you have any questions let us know at (877) 551-1220 or customer@myprintxpress.com.  Otherwise next time you place your mailing order with us and are interested in getting Accutrace include a note in your website or e-mail order request.